Diamond Games started in 2005 to bring relaxing, fun games to a new audience with this bold mission statement: “We are dedicated to finding and sharing fun PC and mac game software downloads with you because your entertainment is our goal. Enjoy your stay!”. This was back when “casual games” (quick downloadable computer games that could be completed in under 5 hours) were the brand new thing and their quick, easy, and innovative approaches made gaming something for the whole family. There was some time to work on this little endeavor and we put some effort into it to help share the fad. That was a fun, thrilling adventure and we helped over 10 million gaming enthusiasts and more than 100,000 newsletter subscribers get information on the latest downloadable games. Fast forward 10 years and we are reviving this site. Casual games have come a long way since then and they have moved the experience into social and mobile platforms. These don’t really require a nice website to pull them together, so we’ve dropped all our old content focused on casual games and are starting fresh with other types of games released after 2013 (2014 and later). These include toys, games, and some video games for consoles like the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendos.

This time we are focusing on board and card games for the family primarily, with some video games on consoles. These games bring together social activity with your friends and family in a real space. NOT Facebook, NOT iPads, NOT your smartphone. This brings the experience beyond the solo experience– something that you can do on your commute home from work if you use public transportation– into something that requires thought, care, and above all more players (usually). With this in mind we are pulling together a new site specifically for the modern gamer. We feel that these “euro style” board games have come a long way to deserve the attention of a new generation. While we aren’t explicitly including casual games anymore, we do include regular toys and digital video games for consoles, just to round things out.

Just like casual games innovated in a technological space, these games are innovating in a social space. We hope you like what we have put together and take some time to explore the site. There are a few functioning tools tools such as publisher alerts, related games, tagging, and links to reviews to make this a simple, fun, and easy experience.  We also do our best to publish new games into the “twitterverse” so others can pick up on the new games found. Thanks for looking!

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